Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Public Meeting #1

Thank you to everyone who attended the first public meeting.  We received an abundance of valuable feedback regarding the future of the park.  Click the images below to view the boards that were on display at the meeting.  For those of you that weren’t able to attend the meeting, we encourage you to make comments describing your wants, needs and desires for the park, and for those of you in attendance, feel free to provide any additional feedback.

2 thoughts on “Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Public Meeting #1

  1. Elynn Long owned this property for nearly 50 years. She loved the trees, the views and the pasture after a fresh mowing. As the second owner, and Mrs. Long’s steward, it is my hope that the characteristics of this property that she enjoyed so much would be preserved, enhanced and made available to everyone in the county to enjoy. It is my further hope that we could have a plaque on a bench, or trail-head marker in her honor.

    I envision Longs Pine Grove as a passive park where people can go to relax, reflect and be inspired by a piece of the country right here in the city. Benches, trails, shade structure(s), native grasses, wildflower areas and additional pines to fill in where some have died would be appropriate. I’m not sure if the home will be kept or destroyed, but it does have water and sewer connections that would accommodate restroom facilities if desired. I am for a connection to the highline canal via a bike/pedestrian bridge as the current narrow bridge on Florida is dangerous for pedestrians.


    1. Thanks for your comment Rich. We will absolutely keep your feedback in mind and would love to honor Elynn. Please keep in touch with our staff regarding your ideas.


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