Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Public Meeting #2

Thank you to everyone who attended the second public meeting.  Click the images below to view the boards that were on display at the meeting.  For those of you that weren’t able to attend the meeting, we encourage you to make comments describing your opinions about the different concept plans, and for those of you in attendance, feel free to provide any additional feedback.

2 thoughts on “Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Public Meeting #2

  1. 1) Even though the park is designated “dawn to dusk”, lighting is essential for safety and reduction of criminal activities.
    2) Reconfiguring S. Uinta Way to align with S. Uinta Ct. and make the intersection into a four way stop.


  2. Comment for Pines Long Park
    1. Generally like Central Lawn Concept
    2. straighten Florida with sliver of park
    3. Sidewalk on Unita and Florida needed
    3. Dont like the Community Garden idea because its not inclusive of everyone using the park and its a small park to begin with.
    4. the bridge to Highline Canal should be right in the middle of the park, and a central feature, not on the very edge of the park.
    5. Please no night lighting in the parking lots. Its next to quiet residental homes.
    6. Please address how to handle parking on Unita Way should the parking lot overflow. Uinta Way is narrow, and no sidewalk.
    7. The park needs a better name.


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