Cheyenne-Arapaho Park: Public Meeting #1

Thank you to everyone who attended the first public meeting.  We received an abundance of valuable feedback regarding the future of the park.  Click the images below to view the boards that were on display at the meeting.  For those of you that weren’t able to attend the meeting, we encourage you to make comments describing your wants, needs and desires for the park, and for those of you in attendance, feel free to provide any additional feedback.

4 thoughts on “Cheyenne-Arapaho Park: Public Meeting #1

  1. The Idea of converting any of this Beautiful natural park into a “Dog Park” would be a huge waste and rather sad.
    Half of the park is already a usable grassy DOG area well maintained (except for the lazy owners who leave their animals “bombs” behind) . I watch dogs running, playing with other dogs or having a great time fetching balls all the time. For G_d’s sake let nature have some space for once!


    1. But the fact that it is open and not enclosed is not truly safe for dogs to run and play and possibly run into the street in harm’s way. There are many wildlife near the park such as rabbits and squirrels to distract even the most well trained dog. There are also neighbors who have expressed they do not feel comfortable entering the park with dogs running around playing ball or frisbee off-lease and that makes for a space that not everyone is enjoying. An enclosed space for dogs is a win-win as pets are safe to play and neighbors feel comfortable using the walking paths or playing with their children safe from pets running and playing.


  2. Thank you for all of this work. It seems like there is a lot of research and input going into the design process, and as a new homeowner to the neighborhood, I appreciate it. I only ask, in addition, that you make sure to look at amenities in surrounding neighborhoods so as not to duplicate needs (ie, playground equipment already nearby). Thanks!


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