Long’s Pine Grove

Long’s Pine Grove Background and Project Description:

Long’s Pine Grove is a 2.8-acre, former residential property located at Uinta Street and Florida Avenue. The property was purchased by Arapahoe County Open Spaces in 2014, and still retains the original residence—a single story ranch home, along the eastern side of the property along Uinta Street.  The park site also abuts the High Line Canal (and trail), which lies just to the west of the park.  There is a potential opportunity to connect the park to the High Line Canal Trail via a pedestrian bridge. This opportunity will be explored during the master planning process.

The park slopes from east to west, and provides excellent views to the front range mountains.  Significant stands of mature pine trees give the site its name, and create a distinctive “woodsy” atmosphere. Preserving and enhancing the visitor’s experience of the trees and the views will be a main focus of the master plan.

Long’s Pine Grove was purchased with Arapahoe County Open Space Funds, which require that the park development be focused on passive, open space related experiences.  Typical amenities that would be considered at Long’s Pine Grove include trails, natural areas, picnic facilities, playgrounds, and parking areas.

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Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Public Meeting #1

Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Public Meeting #2

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Long’s Pine Grove Open Space: Final Public Meeting

Master Plan Report